Start a business
you’ll love

Start a Business
you’ll Love

You’ll Love Making Meaningful Money!

For 22 years, the Goddesses and Adoni of Athena’s have shown great pride in creating a safe and empowering environment for candid discussions about sexual health, self care, self love and body positivity. Is now your time to join us on our quest to make the world a more satisfying and passionate place?  

As a Goddess or Adonis you will:

  • Change lives for the better
  • Be fully supported by the Athena’s home office staff
  • Party for a paycheck
  • Make new friends
  • Get entered to win a $500 Athena’s Shopping Spree

Love us? Join Us!

People attend our parties and find themselves interested in joining the company. If you’ve hosted or attended a party, you know how much fun they are and the way our products make people happier and healthier. If you are an avid Athena’s fan, wouldn’t it be great to make money talking to people about how much you love it? As a Goddess or Adonis, you’ll bring people together and show them how to make their love lives better than ever. Along the way, you will change your life too!

Want to learn more?

What does a goddess/adonis do?

Athena’s parties create connections. Our Goddesses and Adoni show folks romance enhancing products and share tips to make a person feel more connected to their own body and the body of their partner! Part time or full-time, here’s how they make a meaningful income!

the live party experience

Goddesses and Adoni lead educational and entertaining in-person, in-home parties where they present Athena’s products to the host and their friends. These parties are a fun night filled with friends and laughter. After the presentation, the Goddess or Adonis takes confidential orders from the party guests and rewards the host with free products. 

virtual parties and website sales

Some Goddesses and Adoni work their businesses online! Athena’s provides 2 personal websites that are open 24/7 so orders can be placed easily by clients when and how they want. Also, there are virtual parties where products and tips can be shared with guests who log in from everywhere!

team building

Goddesses and Adoni provide the unique opportunity for others to start their own Athena’s business. Encouraging folks to work when and how they want while selling products they are passionate about creates even more success and connection. Building a team opens up a new revenue stream while fostering meaningful friendships. Our leaders feel a sense of purpose when helping others succeed.

Three steps to starting your Athena’s business

join athena’s

When you join Athena’s, pick your plan. Do you want to carry stock to sell at your parties or would you rather not carry inventory? CLICK HERE to learn more about our two plans and what you will receive in your Welcome Kit!

train with the best

You’re going to love learning about running your business. We’ll teach you everything you need to know about the benefits of sex toys and how to place your orders! You will have endless support from your leader and the company throughout your journey!

launch your business

Once you complete training, Athena’s will send you a 50% off coupon code and you can choose whatever it is you want in your demonstration kit. Then the real fun begins! Tell the world about your new business! Host your own launch party and book parties with your friends! 

Make that money, honey!

Start earning meaningful money around your schedule with Athena’s. You decide when and how much you work. You can choose a part time or full time party schedule. It all depends on your financial goals.

Wait till you Hear about our Incentives!

Besides the income you will generate at parties, you have the chance to earn free products, CA$H, jewelry and vacations! Check out our incentive flip book for the many ways you can live your dreams!

athena's top new goddess 2019

Congratulations to the Top New Goddess of 2019 – Jenna Giles

Will you be the
top new goddess/adonis
of 2020?

Each year Athena’s awards one lucky NEW person
the title of Top New Goddess/Adonis!
The winner receives a $1,000 Macy’s gift card and a key
to our $10,000 Treasure Box!

Ready for what’s next?

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Ordinary people – Extraordinary Success

Talia Wanted a BackYard for her Boy

Talia from California had a goal so big and so beautiful that she became an unstoppable force. Here is her story of raising the money to make her son’s wish come true! 

Alex made a big dream  Possible

Meet Alex from Maine! Her goal was to make enough money to attend Cat-Con and take her mom on an adventure!

Laura Jean Paid down Debt

Laura Jean Scribner’s debt was so stressful. Athena’s gave her the opportunity to win BIG and finally get relief! 


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