Specific information for each Solace CBD product produced, as well as third-party test results, can be found below.

Match the Lot number below to the one printed directly on your product (usually on the side or bottom of product).

If you can’t find your Lot number below, please refer to the last 4 digits of your Lot number and match it to the Batch numbers listed below.

Per industry standards, our label claim for the tested product reports the CBD mg per container, while the third party laboratory test results
are listed as a percentage of each formula.

CBD Comfort Cream

Our all-natural topical CBD Comfort Cream is packed with 420 mg. of hemp-derived CBD and a proprietary blend of essential oils. This highly potent formula brings comfort and solace when and where you need it most. Massage the thick, luxurious cream into aching hands, a sore back or throbbing feet. Let the warm, woodsy aroma of sandalwood surround you, adding to the overall positive effect on your body and your mood.

Lot #71L20221-8:

CBD Intimate Moisturizer

Infused with 100MG of CBD, this sensual intimate moisturizer aids in the relaxation of the muscles and eases tension which results in enhanced pleasure and comfort. The velvety-soft, non-staining, light weight gel is gentle and hydrating. Natural, clear and water-based, Solace is safe to use daily. The unique vegan formula has only 5 ingredients and rejuvenates when it encounters moisture, either from natural lubrication or saliva. Some users have experienced increasing sensitivity.

Lot #71L20220-A:

CBD Massage Oil

A massage can relieve sore muscles, improve sleep, and aid in relaxation. CBD’s anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties make it the perfect ingredient for our nutrient-rich massage oil. Experience a CBD-powered, luxurious, stress-busting rub down that will leave skin feeling soft and silky.

Lot #61I28245-A:

Lot #EGI20021A:

CBD Massage Candle

Dim the lights and enjoy a sensuous massage experience unlike any other! Infused with 60mg of 100% natural CBD, you’ll love this 3-in-1 fragrant candle, massage oil, and body moisturizer! Meant to soothe and moisturize, the Solace candle melts into a warm oil that can safely be poured onto skin.

Lot #1I56821211:

Lot #EGI20021A:

CBD Topical Pain Relief

Uncover the comfort and pain relief you seek with Athena’s Solace. The non-greasy, lightweight formulation goes on smoothly and is safe to use every day. It is an effective, natural, topical anti-inflammatory that will quickly cool and soothe discomfort.