Mutual consent is a must when it comes to any and all sex acts. Sexual pleasure derived from the delicate derriere deserves open, honest communication BEFORE, DURING and AFTER anal play.


Receiving pleasure? Take a relaxing shower or bubble bath with Splash Gentle Genital Wash prior to your anal encounter. Confidence and cleanliness are sexy! Butt Hair, Do Care? Shave the star-fish with Supreme Shave Creme. Giving Pleasure? Wash your hands, trim and file nails so your lover says “Oh yes!” Not “OUCH!”


Condoms, gloves and fingercots protect you and your partner from STIs. And…speaking of protection:  protect the vagina’s health by NEVER, ( like, ever ) going from anal to vaginal penetration without putting on a new condom, glove or finger cot!  Less worrying.
More pleasure. That’s the blessing of safe sex.


Alone or with a partner, lubricant and booty play is not optional; it is ESSENTIAL. All things entering the anus (big or small – we mean ALL) should be amply lubricated. Enthusiastic anal players reduce the chance of pain or discomfort by using Antibacterial Anal Glide or Elite Silicone Glide. The wetter the better! And don’t be shy, reapply! Keep some Intimate Cleansing Tissues close by for quick clean up.


It is not polite to just go ramming something in the butt! Before a grand entrance, slowly build the erotic tension. ASS-MASTERS caress, lick, massage and buzz the butthole before penetration.
Try booty-licous Natural Flavored Glide if you’re going to go tongue in cheek!


The bottom line is that most folks appreciate something smaller inside their behind BEFORE something larger enters. Dilation helps the beginner relax and prepares the anus for a larger toy or penis. Beyond a finger, the sASSy Anal Training Kit allows you to start small and work your way up (if that’s what you desire) To avoid embarrassing trips to the emergency room, remember that nothing goes in the bum, unless it has a flared base! Still need a little help to relax? Our Anal Relaxing Serum causes the anal sphincter to become more relaxed so anal penetration becomes comfortable.


Every anal adventure allows for exploration of angles, depths and speed. When it’s time to glide inside, pick a position to receive with ease!  Spooning is intimate and cozy. Getting on top of your lover puts you in control. Missionary allows for eye contact. Regardless
of position, a relaxed receiver pushes out as the thoroughly lubricated giver gently pushes in slowly. Communication is key to finding and adjusting the perfect position for both partner’s maximum pleasure.


To discover more ways to make your sex life more pleasurable and satisfying, Host An Athena’s party! You and your friends will love a classy, sassy and bad ASSY night of sex talk!


Jennifer Jolicoeur is SHE-E-OHH and founder of Athena’s Home Novelties, a home party-centric romance company that started in 1998 and serves adults nationwide. Thousands of women and a few enlightened men have discovered a meaningful way to achieve financial bliss by working for her inclusive, uplifting company. Jen, together with an army of empowered Goddesses and Adoni, is on a mission to educate, entertain and change the world – one orgasm at a time!