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Athena's Home Novelties is one of the country's leading at-home adult novelty companies. Our distributors (or Goddesses and Adoni, as we like to call them) carry our message of self-love and relationship enhancement to thousands of customers each year.

Our product line includes something for everyone - young or old, female or male - and we carry only the highest quality products available.

Athena's offers 2 business plans, so you can choose the one that's right for you. Our Independent Plan allows you to purchase inventory at up to a 50% buying discount, carry stock, and pay yourself the night of the party. Our Freedom Plan allows you to do the party, submit it online to the home office, and we will handle the rest. Our Freedom Goddesses and Adoni do not carry stock and earn between 35% and 40% of their party sales.

Choose the Plan that's best for you and enjoy the following benefits:

  • Comprehensive training program. The only one of its kind in the industry
  • Personalized web pages at a minimal hosting cost
  • "Pay yourself the night of the party" with both business plans in most cases
  • Informative Company Message Board
  • New additions to the product line 3 times a year
  • State-of-the-art on-line ordering system
  • Company sales meetings
  • Monthly Better Business Workshops and demonstrations by successful Goddesses and Adoni
  • Holiday Party featuring a Sales & Recruiting Award Banquet
  • Seasonal product booster kits to save you money
  • And so much more!

Athena's believes in rewarding our hard working Goddesses and Adoni! The following are some of the SALES INCENTIVES we offer:

  • Your commission will be 35 - 50% of your party sales from the day you start!
  • First 100 day sales bonus
    o Sell $3,000 in first one hundred (100) days and receive a FREE Golden Jack Rabbit ($99 Value)
  • Monthly prizes for Top Selling Goddesses and Adoni
  • Maid Service for One Year
    o Top Selling Goddess of 2015 Automatically Wins
    o Sell $2,000 (Retail) in a Calendar Month and be entered into a random drawing
  • Anniversary Bonus
    o Sell $7,000 in one (1) year and receive $100 in FREE Product for each year you are active
  • 50/50 Meeting Drawings (how does walking away with over $1,000 in cash sound!)
  • Earn our Goddess/Adonis Get-A-Way for free based on your monthly sales
  • $100/$1,000 Drawing Held at Company Events
    o Sell $2,000 (Retail) in a Calendar Month and be entered into a random drawing for $100 CASH and be entered to win $1,000 at our Holiday Party/Awards Ceremony
  • Free Monthly Hostess Specials
  • Earn keys to the $10,000 Treasure Box
  • $2K Paves the way monthly incentives
  • Summer Sales Challenge (June 1 through August 31)
    • Top Seller Earns $1,000 Gift Card
    • Sell $2,000 (Retail) in a Calendar Month during this time frame and be entered into a random drawing for a $500 Gift Card

Athena's recognizes our hard working Goddesses and Adoni! Here are some of the ways:

  • Opportunity to be featured in product catalogs
  • Trophies at the Holiday Party/Awards Ceremony for Top Sales
  • Certificates for Top Sales
    • Top 10 Sellers receive gifts at Company Meeting and Better Business Workshops
  • Recognized in Company Newsletter “Happy Buzzing” for the following:
    • Top Sales
    • $1,000 Parties
    • Steps to Success

The following are some of the RECRUITING INCENTIVES we offer to our Company Leaders:

  • First one hundred (100) day recruiting bonus
    • Sign on a new Goddess/Adonis within one hundred (100) days of your second training class and receive a FREE Sexy Throw Blanket ($100 value) (once your recruit qualifies)
  • Monthly Override for Team Members’ Sales
  • Opportunity to Earn a Car and/or Mortgage Bonus
  • Choice is Yours (meet team sales goals and earn gift certificates)
  • Recruiting Milestones including jewelry (Demi(5), Earthly(10), Heavenly(25), Helmet(35), Spear(50), Shield(75) and Supreme(100) )
  • Annual Golden Circle of Leadership Event
  • FREE Goddess Leads once Earthly Milestone is reached
  • Earn Goddess/Adonis-Get-Away for Free
  • Earn keys to the $10,000 Treasure Box
  • 2 Recruit Salute - Earn free product monthly
  • Opportunity to Earn CASH and PRODUCT for Company Recruiting Milestone Goddesses
    • (Goddess or Adonis who recruits Goddess or Adonis #9,000 will win $500 in CASH and $500 in retail product)
  • Summer Recruiting Challenge
    • Top Recruiter wins $1,000 Gift Card
    • Recruit two (2) Or more Goddesses or Adoni in a Calendar Month and be entered to win a $500 gift card
  • Maid Service for a Year
    • Top Recruiter of the year automatically wins
    • Activate three (3) new Goddesses/Adoni in a calendar month and be entered into a random drawing

Athena's recognizes our hard working Recruiters! Here are some of the ways:

  • Golden Circle of Leadership Awards Ceremony
  • Trophies for Top Recruiters at Holiday Party/Awards Ceremony
  • Demi, Earthly, Heavenly, Helmet, Spear, Shield and Supreme Goddess or Adonis (5, 10, 25, 35, 50, 75 and 100 Recruits)
  • Two Recruit Salute for monthly $50 product bonus
  • Featured in company newsletter “Happy Buzzing” for the following:
    • Top Team Sales
    • Choice is Yours
    • For Recruiting Milestone Goddesses
  • Award for Top Team Leader at Company Meeting

So what are you waiting for? Take the first step towards Becoming a Goddess or Adonis by clicking the join now button or call 877-ATHENAS!

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