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Athena's Home Novelties is one of the country's leading at-home adult novelty companies. Our distributors (or Goddesses and Adoni, as we like to call them) carry our message of self-love and relationship enhancement to thousands of customers each year.

Our product line includes something for everyone - young or old, female or male - and we carry only the highest quality products available.

Athena's offers 2 business plans, so you can choose the one that's right for you. Our Independent Plan allows you to purchase inventory at up to a 50% buying discount, carry stock, and pay yourself the night of the party. Our Freedom Plan allows you to do the party, submit it on-line to the home office, and we will handle the rest. Our Freedom Goddesses and Adoni do not carry stock and earn between 35% and 40% of their party sales.

Choose the Plan that's best for you and enjoy the following benefits:

  • Comprehensive training program. The only one of its kind in the industry
  • Personalized web pages at a minimal hosting cost
  • "Pay yourself the night of the party" with both business plans in most cases
  • Informative Company Message Board
  • New additions to the product line 3 times a year
  • State-of-the-art on-line ordering system
  • Company sales meetings
  • Better Business Workshops and demonstrations by successful Goddesses and Adoni
  • Holiday Party featuring a Sales & Recruiting Award Banquet
  • Seasonal product booster kits to save you money
  • And so much more!

Athena's rewards our hard working Goddesses and Adoni! The following are some of the SALES INCENTIVES we offer:

  • Your commission will be 35 - 50% of your party sales from the day you start!
  • First 100 day sales bonus
    o Sell $3,000 in first one hundred (100) days and receive a FREE Golden Jack Rabbit ($99 Value)
  • Monthly prizes for Top Selling Goddesses and Adoni
  • Maid Service for One Year
    o Top Seller of 2019 Automatically Wins
    o Top Recruiter of 2019 Automatically Wins
  • Anniversary Bonus
    o Sell $7,000 in one (1) year and receive $100 in FREE Product for each year you are active
  • Earn raffle tickets so you can be entered to win a free trip
  • $100/$1,000 Drawing Held at Company Events
    o Sell $2,000 (Retail) in a Calendar Month and be entered into a random drawing for $100 CASH and be entered to win $1,000 at our Holiday Party/Awards Ceremony
  • Monthly Hostess Specials for only $4.99
  • Earn keys to the $10,000 Treasure Box
  • $2K Paves the way monthly incentives
  • Summer Recruiting & Sales Challenge (May 1 through August 31)
    • Rewards, acknowledgment, and prizes awarded for productive Goddesses and Adoni

Athena's recognizes our hard working Goddesses and Adoni! Here are some of the ways:

  • Opportunity to be featured in product catalogs
  • Trophies at the Holiday Party/Awards Ceremony for Top Sales
    • Top 10 Sellers receive gifts at Company Meeting and Better Business Workshops

The following are some of the RECRUITING INCENTIVES we offer to our Company Leaders:

  • First one hundred (100) day recruiting bonus
    • Sign on a new Goddess/Adonis within one hundred (100) days of training and receive a FREE Sexy Throw Blanket ($100 value) (once your recruit qualifies)
  • Monthly Override for Team Members and Sales
  • Choice is Yours (meet team sales goals and earn gift certificates)
  • Recruiting Milestones including jewelry (Demi(5), Earthly(10), Heavenly(25), Helmet(35), Spear(50), Shield(75) and Supreme(100) )
  • Annual Golden Circle of Leadership Event
  • FREE Goddess Leads once Earthly Milestone is reached
  • Earn keys to the $10,000 Treasure Box
  • 2 Recruit Salute - Earn free product monthly
  • Opportunity to Earn CASH and PRODUCT for Company Recruiting Milestone Goddesses
    • (Goddess or Adonis who recruits Goddess or Adonis #13,000 will win a $500 Athena's Shopping Spree )
  • Summer Recruiting Challenge
    • Rewards, acknowledgment, and prizes awarded for productive Goddesses and Adoni
  • Maid Service for a Year
    • Top Recruiter of the year automatically wins
    • Top Seller of the year automatically Wins

    Athena's recognizes our hard working Recruiters! Here are some of the ways:

    • Golden Circle of Leadership Awards Ceremony
    • Trophies for Top Recruiters at Holiday Party/Awards Ceremony
    • Recognition for recruiting milestones
    • Two Recruit Salute for monthly $50 product bonus

    So what are you waiting for? Take the first step towards Becoming a Goddess or Adonis by clicking the join now button or call 877-ATHENAS!

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